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Purpose and Objective of the Training

The purpose of this site is to provide supplemental online flare operations training to plant personnel who monitor elevated, industrial-scale chemical and petrochemical flares used for routine service. This training is intended to supplement flare site-specific training provided by the trainees own company.

The objective of the training is to enhance plant personnel's understanding of industrial flare operation and provide practical information about variables affecting flare performance, with the aim to maximize flare destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) of dual-purpose assisted flares consistent with state and federal regulations using existing on-site resources.

Trainers and Training Personnel

A Resource Toolkit for Trainers is available to training personnel who would like to have access to the instructor notes as well as the images, videos, and animations used within the Supplemental Flare Operations Training modules for utilization within their own site-specific training. This Resource Toolkit is available as organized zipped files for download.
Trainers must create a new account to access the toolkit.

Training Overview

Employing results of past and recent full-scale flare studies, scientific information available in the published literature, flare manufacturer’s data, governing state and federal regulations, and the expertise of content experts, environmental organizations and consultants, this Internet-based training program has been developed for plant personnel. The training is organized into five short modules plus a final comprehensive assessment. Each module focuses on a different topic/subject area pertinent to the understanding of how flares operate and/or how flare performance can be impacted. Upon successful completion of all five modules and the comprehensive assessment, a certificate of completion will be awarded. This certificate certifies that you have completed the Supplemental Flare Operations Training and Comprehensive Assessment but is not a substitute for site-specific training. A refresher module is also available as a high-level refresher presentation to review the Supplemental Flare Operations Training for Plant Personnel.

The training consists of these five modules and an assessment as well as a refresher module and assessment. It is recommended that you complete the training in numerical order.

  • Module 1 - Introduction (approximately 9 min.)
  • Module 2 - History of Flares, Applicable Regulatory Codes and Flare Types (approximately 22 min.)
  • Module 3 - Approaches to Monitoring Flare Emission Performance (approximately 36 min.)
  • Module 4 - Flare Performance Parameters Investigated in Recent Industrial Flare Studies (approximately 24 min.)
  • Module 5 - Factors that Impact Flare Performance (approximately 21 min.)
  • Supplemental Flare Operations Training Comprehensive Assessment
  • Supplemental Flare Operations Training Certificate of Completion
  • Supplemental Flare Operations Training Refresher Module (10 min.)
  • Supplemental Flare Operations Training Refresher Module Assessment
  • Supplemental Flare Operations Training Refresher Module Certificate of Completion

Accessing the Training

  • Registered User and Training Completion
    • Anyone desiring to complete the training and receive a certificate of completion must register by creating a unique username and password to protect the integrity of their training results. An email address and access to your email is required to register. Once a person has completed the registration process, they are redirected to a page that displays the training modules available to them. 
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  • Guest User
    • This training is available to everyone. You may enter the training area as a "Guest User" in order to preview the modules. When signed in as a guest, modules completed will not be tracked. If you would like to start tracking your progress, you must register for the training and will need to retake the modules you may have completed as a "Guest User" so that your results can be recorded for those modules.
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Produced By

The Supplemental Flare Operations Training was developed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and The University of Texas at Austin. Additional input and review were provided by a Technical Review Panel of industry representatives, consultants, environmental organizations, and plant personnel from companies represented on the TRP as well as flare manufacturers.